NACA’s Vision for 2016

The NACA team is excited to announce that 2016 is going to be a great year for the Organization. As NACA heads into the new year it will be growing in membership services, advocacy efforts, partnerships, and programs. 

Want to know what NACA has to offer for 2016?

Advocacy Efforts

NACA’s Board of Directors passed 17 policy priorities heading into 2016. NACA staff has a longterm plan to address each of them. The first big advocacy event for 2016 will be the NACA Outreach Summit (read more on this in the Events section below). The NACA Outreach Summit will be focused on the following three policy priorities. For the full list, click here

1.    Advance language that would provide the SBA more authority when a contract is removed from the 8(a) program and create rules prohibiting the bundling of contracts to keep those contracts out of the small business program.

2. Limit the use of Lowest Price/Technically Acceptable (LPTA) contracts to the procurement of standard commercial products and services.

3.  Extend the opportunity for NHOs to qualify for direct awards across all federal agencies, not just the Department of Defense.

Member Services

Considering becoming a member? Below outlines the major services and support we provide to our NACA members throughout the year. 

  • Educational opportunities:
    • On-site trainings during our regional outreach events.
    • Webinars (up to 4 a month) tailored to Native Business interests and free to members that bring you up to date information on contracting processes, rules and regulations, as well as market trends and analysis. 
  • Communications and Engagement:
    • Monthly Newsletter with rich information including updates on our advocacy efforts, upcoming events, programs and services, as well as new memberships, partnerships or sponsorships that are a part of NACA.
    • Monthly blog providing updates about what is going on in NACA and highlighting the importance of our work.
  • Member Highlights: 
    • NACA is it’s members, and that is what we want to share. The NACA team wants to bring the great work of its members to the forefront of the conversation around Native Contracting. As part of this NACA features news from its member tribes and corporations in a Member Highlight in monthly newsletters and blogs.  
  • Events:
    • NACA Outreach Summit, March 9-10, 2016: (formerly known as the “Congressional Outreach Summit”) The NACA Outreach Summit is a two  day event for NACA members. The days  are filled with face-to-face meetings with  key legislators, their staff, and agency  administrators. NACA will schedule your  meetings and provide all the tools you  need to advocate for your issues.
    • Emerging Native Leaders Summit, June 14-16, 2016: This event offers rising stars in business around Indian Country an opportunity to strengthen their skills and receive hands on training on tools that they can use for the future. The big difference this year is that we are partnering with the Center for Native American Youth to build our program and make bigger impacts. Trainings range from business planning, IT & Security, to policies and regulations. Strengthening our next generation is strengthening Native Corporations and the future of Indian Country. NACA Members can send their staff to this event with a members only discount.
    • NACA Annual Business to Business Conference & Expo, November 1-3, 2016: Brings Native Contractors from all over the country together to share in successes and learn from each other’s hardships. NACA brings in speakers from top leading industries and major federal agencies to give you the best information on what rules and regulations are being changed, what types of cyber security programs can help your company stay safe, market trends as to where Native Contracting is going and more! Our expo can give you access to view services from multiple companies in one fell swoop while also grabbing some new earrings or other gifts from a Native jewelry vendor.
  • Networking: 
    • NACA Outreach Summit will have a Capitol Hill networking reception hosted inside the United States Capitol building with attendance from Congressional Members and their staff. 
    • Emerging Native Leaders Summit includes opportunities for emerging leaders meet with legislators, administrators, business leaders, and other organizations at receptions while they are in Washington DC.
  • DC Representative Update: 
    • NACA is going to be providing an open conference call in the middle of each month where members, communities, and anyone who who would like to attend can directly engage with the NACA Executive Director, Mike Anderson. These calls are to present the work NACA is currently doing, including policy concerns in front of Congress or the Courts, what types of feedback we are getting from the Capitol Hill and Federal agencies, and more. To engage in this month’s discussion, please register by emailing