Over a 10 day drive, NACA Executive Director, Michael Anderson, toured the midwest visiting with five different NACA member tribes across three states. NACA took a first hand look at the amazing work these companies are providing for their communities through 8a contracting.

Each location had something to offer in terms of their rich culture, resources, business model, and vision.

During these visits it was very evident that government contracting is a crucial economic development tool for Native-owned businesses.

While visiting with Several different business models, NACA saw that for a community to make government contracting profitable, it is critical that they have a leader with a far reaching vision that can take advantage of the resources available. One of the key factors to the success of these businesses is that leadership has communicated its vision from top to bottom and that all understand their part in achieving that vision.

NACA makes it a priority not to just be the advocates in DC but to also connect with the communities it serves. NACA must preserve and further support the SBA Native 8a program for both businesses emerging into the government contracting industry and those already well established.

Follow the MapMe guide below to learn about the communities and companies visited by NACA.