The Board

Members of the NACA Board of Directors (BoD) are chosen for a two-year term by a vote from membership at the NACA Annual Membership Meeting held in November. There are four BoD officer positions: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. Each officer position is a one-year term, and NACA Officers are elected by their peers during the NACA Annual Membership Meeting.

2018-2019 NACA Board of Directors

Kimberley TeeHee

NACA President

Eric Kills a Hundred

NACA Director

Carl Marrs

NACA Director

Annette Hamilton

NACA Vice-President

Sheri Buretta

NACA Director

Jon Panamaroff

NACA Director

Kutraluk Bolton

NACA Treasurer

Lani Dawson Arena

NACA Director

Gail Schubert

NACA Director

Malia Villegas

NACA Secretary

Westly L. Woodruff

NACA Director

Charles W. Totemoff

NACA Director