NACA Partner Services

About NACA Partner Services

NACA Partner Services is a special feature provided by NACA Members for NACA Members and the Native government contracting industry. Learn and teach from within the industry by participating in NACA Partner Services.

Becoming a part of NACA Partner Services means you are an active part in building the NACA Network. Interesting in becoming a provider? Want to learn more about the services listed below? Contact Chelsea Fish for more information at


Why become part of NACA Partner Services? While reaching forward, reach back to help other Native communities along the government contracting journey. Grow your company’s capacity and thought leadership in the world of government contracting.

How do I become a NACA Partner Service provider? Contact NACA Associate Director Chelsea Fish via email at for more information.

govmates is the premier teaming partner platform for government contractors. We take a formulaic and methodical approach to matchmaking by maintaining current, granular data of our small business members. We facilitate teaming introductions for any government contractor seeking partners, usually based upon capabilities, customer past performance, set-asides or other contract-specific needs.