Native American and African American Community Stand Together Against Racism in Professional Sports

Minorities form united front against racism in NBA and NFL sports clubs. WASHINGTON, May 13, 2014 — In the wake of the appalling comments declared by Donald Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, it’s worth noting that the same level of racism, bigotry, and hatred survives in the National Football League (NFL). “It’s commendable that the National Basketball Association (NBA) has responded in a swift and decisive manner. It reflects the respect the league has for all the races, ethnicities, and cultures that are the fabric of this great nation,” stated Kevin Allis, Native American Contractors Association Executive Director. “Now it’s time for the NFL to take the same stance by compelling Dan Snyderto change the name of Washington, D.C.’s football team,” said Allis. For years the Native American community has insisted for the owner of the Washington football club to make such a change. However, he has defiantly resisted such efforts, and has even engaged in disingenuous efforts to sway support in his direction.  Recently, Mr. Snyder created a pool of money that is allegedly designed to assist Native communities. “If you don’t like racism, don’t finance it. If you don’t appreciate being discriminated against, don’t finance it. If you don’t like stupidity, don’t finance it either! After all, money talks…and you-know-what walks,” stated Ron Busby, President of the United States Black Chambers, Inc. “We in the African-American community support the efforts of Native Americans when it comes to racism, and together, we call for members of our respective communities to withhold support for these two leagues until they can both prove their respect to African-Americans and Native Americans,” continued Busby. “Native Americans and African-Americans...

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