About CPP

The NACA Corporate Partner Program is the NACA associate member program built to establish working relationships between businesses across all sectors and the NACA Membership.

NACA Members make up the most successful Native-owned businesses in the United States and collectively own over 200 government contracting and 8(a) businesses with operations in all 50 states, across the U.S. territories, and abroad.

Becoming a NACA Corporate Partner means you are part of the NACA Network. And we welcome you to consider being an integral piece of our community.


Why become a NACA Corporate Partner? Gain visibility with over 200 Native-owned companies. Increase business opportunities and contacts with nearly 35+ NACA Members, NACA Strategic Partners, and Corporate Partners like yourself!

What is the difference between a NACA Member and a NACA Corporate Partner? Traditional NACA Members are Tribes, Alaska Native Corporations, and Native Hawaiian Organizations. NACA Corporate Partners are independently/individually owned businesses.

How do I become a NACA Corporate Partner? NACA Corporate Partner Program (CPP) includes a variety of  packages to ensure the best partnership between NACA and your organization.

How to Become a NACA Corporate Partner

The NACA Corporate Partner Program (CPP) includes a variety of packages to ensure strong partnership between NACA and your organization. NACA offers year round sponsorship packages that are recognized as Wolf, Raven, Buffalo, or Orca. In addition to NACA’s year round package options, you can purchase additional add-on sponsorships to direct your attention to activities, communications, and events that best serve your needs and support NACA’s Mission. These include Regional Economic Partnerships, Advocacy Partnerships, Sponsored Communications, and youth scholarships for our Emerging Native Leaders Summit. Expand each option below to learn more.

If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Partner to NACA contact Chelsea Fish at chelseafish@nativecontractors.org.

Sponsorship Chart 2-23

Advocacy Partnership


*Must be a year-round partner (Wolf/Raven/Buffalo/Orca)  to add this event*

  • NACA Outreach Summit Reception Sponsor
  • Four Complimentary Reception Invitations
  • Verbal recognition during convening of NACA Membership, the Board of Directors Meeting, and the Congressional Networking Reception.
  • Print recognition as a sponsor, with small company biography, in Summit briefing packets.

For Questions please reach out to Julie Potter at julie@nativecontractors.org

About NACA Outreach Summit:

During the NACA Outreach Summit, NACA membership fly into Washington, D.C. to meet with key policy makers, federal officials, and sometimes attend judiciary hearings to advocate for the Native 8(a) program. This event brings in over 30 attendees each year, representing over 10 Native Corporations for the course of two days. NACA coordinates round table discussions with federal officials, meetings both House and Senate members of Congress, a networking reception on Capitol Hill, and more.

See Example Outreach Summit Agenda Here. 2016 Agenda 3_4

Regional Economic Partnership


*Must be a year round partner (Wolf, Raven, Buffalo, Orca) to add this event*

  • Outreach Event Presentation Opportunity (partner determines region and area of expertise in collaboration with NACA staff)
  • Strategic Meetings during regional event.
  • Travel Coordination (All travel related expenses are the sole responsibility of the corporate entity).
  • Recognition on NACA website as sponsor of the regional event in postings.

For Questions please reach out to Julie Potter at julie@nativecontractors.org

About Regional Events:

Each year NACA and it’s team travel  to different regions of America to meet with Native 8(a) Corporation’s. During these regional events NACA meets with NACA Member executives, learns about the issues they are facing in federal contracting, and gets a first hand view of the positive impacts that these corporations are bring to their communities. NACA tries to bring a diverse set of subject matter experts to each region that can provide trainings and presentations to its membership. This enables NACA to support members on their federal contracting endeavors in a dynamic and rewarding way . If you would like to give a financial management seminar, present on your business’s capabilities to support efficient federal contracting, or provide technical assistance to our members, this is the sponsorship option for you.


Sponsored Email

$500 per distribution

*Reserved for contract bid and business development opportunities*

For Questions please reach out to Julie Potter at julie@nativecontractors.org

What is a Sponsored Email?

On a regular basis NACA is contacted by firms, local governments, and stakeholders wishing to partner with Native Corporations for business opportunities. In order to maintain transparency, protect members information, and ensure that these opportunities are not missed, NACA staff works with the sponsor to share business opportunities with its membership through an email distribution.

Sponsored Newsletter

$1,000 per Newsletter

*Reserved for contract bid and business development opportunities*

For Questions please reach out to Julie Potter at julie@nativecontractors.org

What is a Sponsored Newsletter?

Often NACA receives inquiries e from groups wanting to know what Native Contractors would be the right partners on future projects or to inform NACA members of the services the company can provide. A Sponsored Newsletter enables businesses to share an informative article with membership that communicates pertinent news and information about the designated subject (determined in partnership with NACA staff) while also bringing awareness to NACA members of their company and interest in working with Native Corporations.

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