NACA has a process by which it presents, pursues, monitors, and catalogs its policy directives. This document presents the results – General Propositions, Policy Positions, and Policy Priorities – which drive NACA’s advocacy program. General Propositions are statements that support the fundamental values held by NACA. Policy Positions establish NACA’s formal position and assess a given issue. Policy Priorities commit resources to a course of action to achieve an outcome on a given issue.

Policy Priorities

Policy Priorities commit resources to achieve a NACA strategy to accomplish a desired outcome on an issue. The 2017 policy priorities listed below are those, in priority order, that NACA is committing resources to in 2017. The continuing priorities below were those which have been worked, but have follow up requirements to which NACA is committed.

Restore Follow-On Sole Source Contracts: Advocate for a rule change and amend 13 CFR 124.109(c)(3)(ii). Download NACA White Paper.

Empower HUBZones to Compete & Grow: Educate NACA Membership and key Congressional committees about HUBZone businesses and importance of the HUBZone program. Download NACA White Paper.

Expand Use of Buy Indian Act within the Federal Government: Establish Indian Health Services (IHS) Buy Indian procurement policy and grow Department of the Interior (DOI) use of Buy Indian. Download NACA White Paper.

Rothe Development, Inc. v. U.S. Department of Defense: Submit an amicus brief opposing possible negative impacts to the Native 8(a) program. Download NACA White Paper.

Amend Section 811: Propose new Justification & Approval (J&A) compromise language. Download NACA White Paper.

Achieve Parity for Native Hawaiian Organizations: Develop language to expand economic disadvantaged status to NHOs. Download NACA White Paper.

Monitor Implementation of Department of Defense (DoD) Overseas Contracts Provision: Ensure Intent of Congress is met in the FY17 NDAA. Download NACA White Paper.

Bundling & Consolidation of 8(a) Contracts: Stop the bundling and consolidation of 8(a) contracts and ensure intent of Congress is met in FY17 NDAA. Download NACA White Paper.

Establish Judicious Use of Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA): Ensure intent of Congress is met to protect small business government contractors. Download NACA White Paper.

Improve 8(a) Application & Benefits Reporting: Streamline processes for community-owned entities within the SBA Forms 1450 & 1010. Download NACA White Paper.

Policy Positions

Policy Positions are the official stance NACA has taken on an issue, initiates further assessment, and identifies parameters and actions to address the issue. Other than the Recertification Waiver issue, the others are carried over from 2016.

Native 8(a) Goaling: Improved Native 8(a) goaling objectives made clear through legislation.

SubK to Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO): SubK awarded to NHO that award counts towards subK goals for SB & SDB regardless of the size or SBA certification status.

Indian Incentive Program (IIP): Amend IIP to reflect 5% rebate versus 5% preference Initial vetting with MAGIC, IA, SB, DoD. Download NACA White Paper.

Recertification Waiver: 8(a) concerns under the same parent company do not have to recertify because of a merger.

Alternatives to Geographic Limits: Require Native contractors for work in areas known to be culturally sensitive for Native populations.

Native 8(a) Education: Educate government employees about the importance & train them on the use of Native 8(a) contractors. Download NACA White Paper.

Presidential Executive Order: Pursue a Presidential EO supporting Native federal contracting.

General Propositions

General Propositions for 2017 identify issues that, at their core, align with NACA’s purpose and brand. NACA will compile information and work with the relevant Member/Stakeholder to provide letters of support.

Small Business Goals: Establish disincentives for Federal Primes who do not meet SBA small business contracting goals.

Native Small Business Preference: Partner to restore government contracting preferences for Native firms in Houston.

Hawaii GET: Work with partners to ensure federal contractors with no office in Hawaii are fulfilling their contractual obligations by paying Hawaii General Excise Tax.

Direct Ownership Rule: Alignment of policy between SBA & IRS on the Direct Ownership Rule.

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